Welcome to my words!
Welcome to my words!

This is the website of Nicholas Ostler, linguist and author.

On this site, I try to give some background knowledge about me and my books and other writings. Basically, it is here to enable you to follow up on points of interest that you may find in them – increasingly an easy thing to do given so many resources on the Internet.

I begin with the development of my ideas on languages and language history, as they can be associated with my experiences over the second half of the 20th century.

Then I touch on the books I have written for general readership since 2001. The latest, Passwords to Paradise, is just out, in the spring of 2016.

Next is a page of listings, including my scholarly work in various branches of linguistics since 1977; and more engaging pieces that have appeared in various literary and current-affairs magazines. Many items have links to copies of the work; others will need chasing down in more traditional ways.

Finally, I have a page which is filled with my answers to some frequently asked questions.

If you want to contact me, I can always be reached by email, using my first name “nicholas” at ostler-dot-net.

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